The Art Of Printing

Something to hold.

The digital world is missing the emotional tie we experience when we hold a physical object. While we move forward as a culture and minimize the physical clutter in our lives, it's important to remember the objects that will always bring us joy--that will always be worth the space they occupy.

Don't settle for a dull, lifeless print of a spectacular image.

There's more to printing than just uploading the digital file to a good print lab. Getting a print that accurately represents the beauty of each image takes careful, individual calibration.

When an image is printed straight from the original digital file--even from a professional lab--certain tones, colors, and definition are lost. 

Secure the value of your investment by choosing an end product that was created as skillfully and lovingly as your pictures.

Left: a spectacular sunset moment; Right: the uncalibrated print proof is dull and flat

Quality Prints Never Let You Down.

Digital resolutions are always increasing---SD gives way HD, then to Ultra HD, 4k... what's next? With each advance, older digital images look a little smaller on new screens. Over the years, I've seen my own digital memories shrink, and my consumer prints have faded and distorted as the cheap pigments degrade.

As the river of constantly generated personal data carries our old digital photos ever farther into obscurity, each lovingly designed album, each metal art piece, and each framed archival print remains unchanged.

When the end product stands the test of time, your pictures can stay with you always.

I'm still a minimalist at heart.

The need to reduce the clutter in our lives is very real in today's world. My favorite solution for photo storage is a custom-printed, bound album. Tucked onto a shelf, an album is barely there--just a beautiful hardcover book in line with others; but when you take it down, you're immediately immersed in a rich sensory experience that transports you to another place and time.

Left: original image

Right: unaltered print proof

Without careful adjustment, the print loses the 3-dimensional feel and vibrance of the original image.

Apples to Apples?

My before-and-after comparisons show original studio image vs. uncalibrated professional lab print proof. That is to say, this is how these pictures would come out if I printed them directly to my pro lab without hand-calibrating each one. The results you can expect when printing from consumer lab sources will be even more widely varied, particularly in terms of color accuracy.

Check out this post for consumer lab comparisons.

My Current Studio Print Pricing

All prints are individually proofed in-studio for calibration.

Archival Prints

4x6: $4.50

5x7: $7

8x10: $19

More sizes available.

Metal Wall Art

5x7: $39

8x10: $49

11x14: $79

16x20: $139

More sizes available.


11x14: $150

16x20 $175

20x30 $225

More sizes available.

Minimalist Solutions

6x9 Album: $525

8x12 Album: $709

4x6 Folio Box w/ USB: $500

5x7 Folio Box w/ USB: $750

Many more options available.

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