Behind The Lens

Hi, I'm Sarah! I live in Amador County, California with my little daughter Ev. I was born by the ocean on Earth Day, and I grew up wild and free in the western Sierra Nevada mountains. I'm a volunteer firefighter in training on our city fire department. I hold degrees in Anthropology and music. I have a passion for human diversity and our deep connection to nature. 

My signature style is built on real personality, rich color stories, and dramatic light in spectacular locations. I know how to bring the spark of authentic personality to the frame, no matter how shy or "unphotogenic" you feel. My sessions are low-key and relaxed. I focus on what feels comfortable to my clients, and that easy feeling translates to my images.

I process each image by hand to bring out every unique color story and mood.

Love Notes

"Sarah is the absolute best! ...She was responsive, creative, thoughtful, and a pure joy to work with! And man did she work her caboose off! She got all the shots I hoped for, and even more I didn't know I wanted! If you are looking for a very talented and hard working photographer you have found her! As our lives progress I will definitely be calling her to capture it through her wonderful pictures."

"OMG these are xxxxing slaying me right now. They are so beautiful! You always manage to capture the real Mxxxxx. Perfection. Thank you SOOOO much Sarah..."

"I am AMAZED and in awe! I have never liked pictures of me but oh man.. these are amazing! And so beautiful! Thank you so much Sarah Hart you bring me to tears!"

"You have a great eye and a great gift. Thank you for that. These girls are going to go separate ways.. and I am ok with that.. but I have this, to keep. You are more than a photographer, you are an artist and you give us memories. Thank you."

"Somehow even when I think my kids were a complete train wreck Sarah pulls off these adorable photos of my kids acting normal for 3 seconds."

"I'm so happy with these photos! So so so in love with what you got of the kids, the "real" them shows in the photos and I'm just blown away!"